“I have done annual cleanse diets for 10 years now, but the one I did this spring with Charissa was the best by far! There were no expensive supplements or shakes to purchase; Charissa uses food products that can be purchased in most health food stores. It made it easier to follow the diet knowing why we use the foods we do in the cleanse. Charissa’s materials were extensive, well-organized and very informative. My husband and I have gone past the initial time of the cleanse and are still following the diet a month later. My daughter has been inspired by our example to try a gluten-free diet for the past week as well. I feel that after doing Charissa’s cleanse and having a greater understanding of foods’ effect on our bodies, a healthier diet is more sustainable for us as a family moving forward.”

–Teri Reed, CT

“I can’t thank you enough for all your support and attentiveness you gave me during the detox. I want to add that you changed my life. I thought I ate a clean diet BUT was I wrong!! I made the coconut pancakes today. They were great. This is a new way of life for me. I enjoyed your forum and think you are a kind, knowledgeable, and very supportive health professional who I can learn a lot of great things from!!”

– Kathy Rotella, NJ

“I want to tell you how positive the detox experience was and continues to be. Both Monica and I started seriously curtailing dairy, cheese and breads/pastas starting on the first day of the prep portion of the detox. We went the whole time not eating any of the elimination items. I even curtailed my coffee consumption to the point where I have maybe a 1/2 cup a day of caffeinated coffee. I crave sugars less and just have a consistent level of energy. I feel so much lighter. At this point, I have lost just shy of 15 pounds. More importantly, I feel really good. Thanks for organizing this. It has been so helpful.”

– Brian Maus, PA

You’ve changed my life! I’m still going after almost 2 months – no grains, no gluten, no sugars except fruits in my daily morning smoothies (which I love) and almost no processed foods. I feel great and have lost 25 lbs! I’m almost down to my target weight and thanks to you I now have the knowledge and confidence to reach and maintain it. Thank you for educating me on foods to avoid and foods to eat for a sustained healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life! I was certainly ready for a change, but you really helped in a transformational way – much bigger and better than I had ever anticipated. I love your educational stuff and motivating notes. Your story is very genuine, powerful and inspirational… I fully believe the right foods cure us and keep us healthy, just as the bad/wrong foods make us sick. I feel so much better and look years younger!”

–Fran Reed, CT

“I am feeling really good. I don’t even think about coffee in the morning! My joints don’t ache anymore and my skin looks better. I will be staying away from gluten and dairy. Thanks so much, Charissa! This has been an extremely positive change in my life.”

— Patty Marlowe, NY

“I decided to do the 11 day fall detox because I had been feeling very sluggish. I could not get myself motivated to exercise. I needed a boost. I never expected to feel so good so fast. I didn’t feel hungry during it. Instead I felt a renewed sense of energy. My body truly feels good right now and I am now motivated to keep up a healthy lifestyle. learned much about the affect of food on my mind and body. There are some recipes that I will make part of my life now. I am grateful to Charissa for introducing me to this detox and teaching me some important lessons.”

–Jean Clark, MA

“I thought the cleanse was great. I really enjoyed some of the recipes and will continue to make them. I thought it was easy to follow. I felt better while doing it and am still trying to avoid certain foods, incorporating the smoothies etc and generally watching and being more aware of what I am eating. I continue to have more energy & feel less bloated. It really was the jump start I needed to get back on track to eating better.”

— Michelle Pugliese, NJ

“I feel good, Charissa. I lost about 9 pounds in all (7 over 11 days + a couple more in pre-cleanse). I like a lot of the recipes and will keep them up. I still have some carrot soup and parsnip soup to go on and will have the back half of my detox salad tomorrow. I plan on being more conscientious about my food. It was a good experience.“

— David Barrand, NJ

“Hey Charissa, Thank you! I enjoyed a lot of the meals more than I thought I would! You have opened my eyes to cleaner, better, healthier eating. I will definitely be eating differently from now on. Thanks!”

–Michele Duffy, NJ

“I did not register for the detox /cleanse to lose weight, but I dropped 6 pounds and had more energy especially in the morning and for exercise. I feel more confident shopping in my natural foods store, preparing new foods, and making better choices for my family. I am more pleased with that than the weight loss, but both will help going into the holidays. The cleanse really did seem like it was going to be a challenge/tricky/tough/deprivation at the start, but as each day passed it got easier. I joked in the beginning that all I wanted was a stromboli and a glass of wine, but by the end the thought of a stromboli seemed gross. Thrilled to have backed off the caffeine! Proud to say that the whole family enjoys green shakes now!”

–Eileen Dammer, PA